Welcome to Creative Metalworks, LLC!

Since 1992 we’ve been creating bike racks and architectural elements that not only serve a purpose, but do it with originality and style while maintaining a high level of craftsmanship and value.

We create innovative, eye-catching designs by integrating your concepts for unique functional art. Creative Metalworks, LLC bike racks and architectural elements

  • enhance community livability
  • increase curb appeal.
  • deter bicycle theft

Production Bike Racks

Creative Metalworks, LLC production bike racks are a great affordable option to enhance your curb appeal, promote a healthy life-style, environmental stewardship, and safeguard your patrons property. CLICK THE LINK IN THE MENU TO LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR PRODUCTION BIKE RACKS!

Custom Bike Racks

A custom bike rack by Creative Metalworks, LLC increases your businesses visibility by enhancing curb appeal in a unique and exciting way; all the while promoting healthy life-styles, environmental stewardship, and safeguarding your patrons property. We’re talking the least expensive form of 24 hour, 7 days-a-week advertising for your business; it’s always working for you! CLICK THE LINK IN THE MENU TO LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR CUSTOM BIKE RACKS!

Architectural Elements & Signs

Architectural elements by Creative Metalworks, LLC enhance the beauty and value of your property with unique custom designs, exceptional craftsmanship, and good old-fashioned functionality. CLICK THE LINK IN THE MENU TO LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR ARCHITECTURAL ACCENTS!